“I am glad I came for the session. It is so damn accurate. Now I can get closure for my relationship with Saito. Which has dragged on for almost 10 years. You have given me information to understand how he looks at our relationship. It removes the guilt from me for having to end it. And about me having met my new love. Thank you for the directions for my personal growth. This has done so much more than any tarot or astrological reading.” ~ Victoria Ling, Flight Attendant, Singapore.


“I didn’t believe you could reveal a person so accurately. As you know I am a professional geomancer and palmist! Your reading left me shell-shocked. The personality readings of my parents and brothers – you seem to know them personally. It brought an overwhelming surge of emotional waves. Giving me closure and clarity. After all these years. I can finally accept them for who they are. Thank you! Laurence” ~ June, Geomancer and Palmist.


“I had a hunch he was keeping things from me. Your reading revealed his true self. Before this I was like a walking zombie. I couldn’t bring myself to get our marriage registered. Because there was something about him. Now through your reading I can see what I will be faced with, each day when I return from work. Whenever we have a disagreement I am always made to look like I am the bad guy. I don’t want to come home to a man that’s selfish and controlling. Thank goodness. This is so timely. You have given me a very complete picture of who he is!” ~Koh Li Ling, IT Specialist.


“After my last marriage I couldn’t trust another woman again. Cindy and I got into this relationship like very good friends. We clicked the instant we met. But there was this sense of insecurity that she always had. I am not one to have people being too sticky towards me. Calling me up at work. But your reading of her is very accurate. I never could see that she needed that kind of support from me. I am okay with her now that you have disclosed that it’s in her blueprint, that she has chosen at birth. Great that she won’t be a leaver in this relationship.” ~ Tan C. Peng, Banker



A Relationship Reading brings clarity to issues on:
Love, Abandonment, Fear, Guilt, Betrayal, Regret, Anger, Sadness, Victimization, Dependency, Mental Stress, Emotional Instability and Hardship.


About Laurence

Laurence has spent the past 25 years as a Relationship Reader and a Past Life Regressionist.
He gives clarity and closure to people who want an answer to their life’s challenges and relationship issues.

He is an UK and USA certified hypnotist;
An international member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy;
A University of Cambridge Certified Instructor;

Laurence says:

“Each of us has a different journey in life.
One person – one spiritual mission.
To work through relationships with people.
No two lives are the same.
Some get to sail through it like a breeze.
For others, every step is an agonizing challenge.
“Why did it have to happen to me?”-  you ask.
You are tormented by the pain you suffer.
A soul chooses his own set of life lessons.
He then picks his genes.
His physical self and traits.
Family, friends, loved ones and enemies.
To complete the life journey.
He may be attracted to another’s traits.
To make him whole.
That’s where the issues begin.
Get the answers through a spiritual relationship reading.
Or a past life regression.
Take the hints and directions.
Discover if the connection is a positive one.
Or to move on quickly.
To recover. To heal.
Your reading will point out.
Why you are linked to certain people.
That create challenge for you.
Be led out of the dark cave.
Find clarity and resolve.
Your relationships carry tests created for spirit’s learning.
Why not ask it for help?
There is a beautiful truth for you waiting to be revealed.

How did his spiritual journey begin?  

Twenty-nine years ago he met an elderly gypsy woman from out of town.
She told him she had the gift of changing lives.
He had no idea what that meant then.
Through her he learnt about spiritual readings.
And had his first past life regression.
He learnt about his connections with people.
And connected with past friends, loves, enemies…
And spiritual beings that gave advice.
He stepped through gates and mist and battle scenes and loving scenes.

Words were not enough to express the emotions he felt.
Speech came through thoughts and emotions.
He spiralled through time, space and matter.
Re-connected with friends long forgotten..
Then Kuan Yin, the goddess of mercy spoke to him.
She said.
That he had a job to do.
To use relationship readings and regression to help others.
People needed to have a different perspective of their existence.
So that they can help themselves.
And that spark had to begin through him.
She said –
” The change for them is within you.
You can help them with their answers.
After all it’s about…
Self Love, Self Worth and Self Responsibility.”

Call Laurence at 9328 0303 or email lifelessons55@gmail.com now.