Family Ties And Spiritual Relationship Readings


Family. The all powerful word. We are so connected with the members. Family ties are so important. Till something stirs up our deep love for the family.
At some time we begin to question our very existence and the links to them. Because of one, two or even three members over some misunderstanding that has never been fully resolved.
It can be abandonment, betrayal, fear, aggression, hardship and dependency.
Each family member has an independent journey in this life. Weaved into your existence. And you also rely on them for spiritual growth, nourishment and dependency. This is an agreement made before you came to be born into the body that you carry now.
Your mother could be asking for a gold ring just because you made a little bit more of money driving a Uber cab. She does not think about your suffering and the long hours on the road. Your father wants $500 so he take the next gamble at the Genting Highlands Casino. Your brother wants to opt out of supporting your parents financially. What is your life lesson?
Your son has excluded his joint ownership with you in your flat. Taking every belonging out of the home and disappeared into the night. You don’t have a single clue as to what happened and where he has gone. Your daughter doesn’t want her son to visit you all year long. Even during the Chinese New Year celebrations. You don’t have a clue too why this is happening.
It is likely that you have never understood what you needed to learn in this life, through them or through others. And also how this learning has affected them negatively. Or even ‘spoil’ their relationships with you due to your difficult nature. Yes that’s right. They may see you as d-I-f-f-I-c-u-l-t…
Now is the time to get closure and clarity through a Spiritual Relationship Reading.
Discover and understand what you are going through now and what you can do to overcome all these challenges.

Spiritual Relationship Reading

Charges: $80/- Duration: 1 Hour

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