Finding Love and Spiritual Relationship Readings


You chose a personality at birth. You gave yourself traits that will complete you and make you special as a person. However you decided to leave out some so that you will find it in a partner. To make you whole. That encounter is a lesson for both. Not always permanent.
That’s when the mess begins.
When you find that person you misunderstand the spiritual learning you both have through each other. What was supposed to be a brief encounter became permanent. You formed an attachment or an obligation. Whilst your rightful partner is out there waiting for you.
Do you want to know if your current partner is the right one for you?
Get your answer in a Circle Of Life reading. Find out what you need to learn in this life and how to complete your learning. So you can achieve love, success, happiness and wealth more quickly.

Spiritual Relationship Reading

Charges: $80/- Duration: 1 Hour

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