Getting a HDB BTO Flat and Spiritual Relationship Reading


Getting a HDB flat or an apartment is the beginning of a very different journey. It is about living together and knowing completely about your partner. Sometimes during the courtship these habits are hidden from your view. Or that you could have chosen to ignore them.

Imagine him taking a bath only once in 2 days…get stuck at the computer playing games throughout the weekend….gets soap suds all over the living room as he steps out after a bath without a towel…and he becomes a celebrity in the neighbourhood. Because he likes to go raw. What about him screaming at you just because he feels that you should serve him head to toe after his hard day at work?

What if she goes back to her mother every time you both have a minor disagreement and she threatens a divorce forthnightly? What if she spends her weekends with her girlfriends and gets them to stay over without your agreement?

There are many what- ifs? The tendency and patterns can be revealed by a spiritual personality reading.

What are the critical things you need to know about him or her before you take the next step? What can you do to guide him or her to be a more well rounded personality to prepare for a family? There are secrets of the other party that need to be known now. Because people grow spiritually. They don’t know that. And they do this by stages and through life challenges.

If they are unaware. You have to be the party that is aware. You can prepare for that by knowing the steps.

A Spiritual Relationship Reading will disclose everything about him. That you thought you knew. Until now.

Get to prepare what to expect from this important person in your life. Today.


Spiritual Relationship Reading

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