Why do people bother with past life regressions at all?



Because it matters more than you think . . .

Little do people realize that a regression can actually give them cheat codes. That give a set of quick answers to guide decision making when faced with a forked path before them. These answers are not supplied by their conscious state. Rather they come from their spiritual self that has their best interest in mind.

Questions like – “Which job should I choose?  Why did someone cheat me of my money? Is this person the one I will marry? What can I learn from this partnership? Who can I better work with? Who to trust? What should be let go to allow me to heal and progress? Why did this divorce happen?”

These are some of the most important questions we ask in life. Another person cannot do that for you – to give you the answers that you want.

You are your own best advisor done in a subconscious state.