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Spiritual Relationship Reading

Q: How can a Relationship Reading help me?
A: A Relationship Reading is different from a Past Life Regression. There is no hypnosis involved. It will disclose strategies how you can work out relationships with another based on both of your chosen personality types made before your birth. Be surprised and enlightened with information and strategies on how to overcome the issues you are currently facing. For example you may want to know – “What to do if you want to stay or move on?” or “Which personality is suitable for you as a life partner?” And “What to expect from such a person?” This is favoured by people who want to ask many questions and feel that interaction in a conscious state is the preferred choice. This has become very popular for many of the clients seeking help on relationship issues.
Q: How do I know which one is suitable for me?
A: Although a Relationship Reading is spiritual. It is intelligent and logical, it gives clarity, closure and options to get you out of your current situation. It does not leave you with guesswork. Imagine how your life can be changed after such a session.
Spiritual Relationship Reading: $80.  Duration: 1 Hour.
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Now let’s talk about Past Life Regression …

Q: What is Karma?
A: Karma is not an act of automatic revenge or retribution. It is an energy created out of an event, action or situation when two or more parties are involved in the exchange. It is simply for you to learn a specific lesson, not necessarily resulting into something that is negative.
Q: Can I perform a Past Life Regression on my own?
A: Because you need to move forward and backwards in the past life timeline ensuring that no stone are left unturned, an experienced guide or facilitator being present is essential. Critical questions need to be asked to ensure your efforts are not wasted. If you attempt one on your own you may fall asleep when you come to an imagery block. When scenes are called up you may remain in just one scene and make no further headway.
Your subconscious mind also needs to be constantly engaged to allow it to reveal more. You won’t be able to do that on your own. You can get stuck in a repeated scene or simply fall into a deep sleep.
Q: What is the process like in a Past Life Regression?
A: This is the process:
* You will describe your mental and emotional issues to the regressionist
* You will go through the Unveil ™ procedure
* You will then enter into a deep relaxation state through storytelling/hypnosis to reach those lifetimes related to your issues
* Identify through these past events, actions or situations that cause or trigger the current life issues
* Gain insight as to why they happened from the perspective of your higher self/soul
* Gain clarity, instructions, directions and closure for your current life
* Release the past burden, fear, anger, guilt, resentment, regret….
* Discover new possibilities, new paths to take and perhaps even realise your true passion in life
* Decide on a new course of action to overcome the issues
* Re-Birthing of the new you
(Note: Read the story of Annette under ‘Regression Stories’ to get a feel of what one experiences in a regression.)
Q: Does a regression involve Spirit Guides?
A: Spirit guides are a group of souls that you have made a pact with before you were born so that they can keep tabs on you in the physical plane. They are always beside you and need no special words to communicate with. They act like stage hands setting up new scenes for your life lessons to take place and you get their response through feelings or sensations when you are alert. They will assist in the session if they feel you have completed a particular life lesson.
Q: Are there any side effects?
A: None at all. You may try to fall asleep but the therapist will not allow you to. Sleeping through is just a waste of the session.
Q: Is the session religious?
A: It is non-religious. All respective religions are given their full respect. You come as a soul, you will leave as a soul. A soul learning through a human body experience. You chose to be in the state of who you are to learn your life lessons better. There is no religious conversion.
Q: How many sessions do I need?
A: You only need one session as it will be thorough. You will decide when you have had enough of information and experiences before you are guided to return to the current time and space.
Q: How many lifetimes will I discover?
A: Each and every regression conducted is different. You will only experience those lifetimes necessary for your learning relevant to your current issues. Sometimes only one lifetime is called up, others may experience up to seven or eight lifetimes. Your subconscious will decide how much information you can handle. Nevertheless going through even one lifetime will dramatically transform your life.
Past Life Regression Cost: $480.00; Duration: Approx. 3 hours.
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