Regression Stories

Old Flames – The Story Of Annette, Singapore
My client has granted me permission to reproduce the following stories. Names of client and people in her present life have been changed to protect her privacy.
Annette is an attractive woman of about 40 years but she looks at least a decade younger. She is slim but athletic and has strong arms. She tells me she trains in the Filipino fighting art known as Kali, which uses batons in combat. I immediately thought of it being performed in the fighting scenes of the movie, The Bourne Identity.
She came to see me saying that she could see dead people, spirits and they would come to her in her dreams trying to take her away. She felt a state of paralysis each time this happened. Darkness was another issue and she would avoid dark places in the night. At around the age of 10 years her twin brother was killed in a car accident and she had seen a vision of it before it happened. She has since experienced recurring dreams of seeing herself being buried next to her brother in death. This makes her fearful of an early death in her own life.
Annette constantly sees five spirits or men trying to come and take her away. This has lasted throughout her life since the death of her grandfather whom she was very close to.
Before her marriage she had a vision that something negative would happen and she came to discover that her husband was cheating on her. She continued with the marriage after a counselor convinced her to stay on but it ended in a divorce.
She wanted the session to reveal the source of all her fears and why it terrified her so much.
This is her story while in regression. I brought her down to a relaxed state and soon I was guiding her to her past lives.
“I think I am a young lady of about 25 years of age, Caucasian and I am in a big city. I seem to be lost. My long white dress is all dirty. A man approaches me but I ignore him. I am tired, very tired and I sit under a bridge to rest. I move off after a while and I board a ferry. I believe I am in a European country. Once I am over on the other side I am feeling hungry and exhausted again. I steal bread from a bakery when no one notices me.
I need a place to settle. To rest. An old lady comes towards me seeing that I am all alone. Gives me new clothes. I live with her. There is peace and quiet. But I have a fear of people looking for me. I have to leave again.
I am on a ship and I am reaching America. I am wondering around. I finally get a job working in an office. This is a remote town. I like it here. It is far away from the city. Few people. I feel safe.
Wait. I see a man. He is in his fifties. He is a leader of a group. A mob. Gangsters. He is hurting me… He drugs and rapes me. I wake up and I stab him. He is my ex-husband in this current life. I run. This is why I ran away from the European town. His men are looking for me and want to kill me in revenge. That is why I come to America.
I have a son now. He is from the man I killed. My son looks like my twin brother that died. It is him.
We live in a remote place far away from the small town. We build a home. We are happy. It is in Texas. It is quiet and peaceful and we are happy.
We are in the house….noooo!…they have found us! How did they find us? They set the house on fire. My son is separated from me. I am in pain We die in the fire.”
(At this moment as I looked at her under the dim light in the therapy room I could see flame like lines appear on her face and they seemed to be moving as if the images were projected on her face. And they were red! She looked flushed but only at specific areas! They disappeared after she moved on to a new scene. Next – She gets her affirmations on how to move on with her life. There are a set of vibratory words to eliminate her current state of suffering through experiencing her fears.
(I then bring her to another life.)
“I am in tribal wear, some kind of suit. I have long swords and I an Asian. I am in the Philippines or Malaysia. I am 15 years old. I am a young girl. I am good with the swords. Skillful. The Spanish have invaded our islands. We fight the Spanish. We are in the forest. Talking about how to protect ourselves. Training with swords. Only a few of us are left. The Spanish fight us with swords. I kill many of them. I think I am named Isabel. I am hiding. Protecting. Small group. Only fifteen of us left. I am the only woman. The Spanish are beaten off.
We build a small village. All is quiet. No fighting. The Spanish have left.
We are in the forest tonight. Wait….we are being ambushed!! They kill us. We are not prepared. We did not think they would come back.”
She has her affirmations and I bring her to another life.
“It is daylight, sunny day. I am sitting under a big tree. Gazing at the sun. The nature around is beautiful. Little girl. I am. Five years old. Hair is blonde. I wear a white dress with flowers. I live in a very big house by a lake. In front of the house is surrounded by trees and a lake. I have many servants…maids and butlers. I am happy here by myself. Tonight I sleep under this tree. I don’t care if they come look for me.
(I asked if she was afraid as she is only five years old here and she answered ‘no’)
I awaken in the morning and I go home. They are happy to receive me.
I have no close connections to my parents. I have a nanny.”
(I moved her forward in age)
“12 years old. Family very protective (I move her on)….I am now 18 years of age. My birthday. There are family and friends, relatives. I see a boy. Adam. He is my ex boyfriend named Sam in this current life. We fall in love. He has many other suitors too. I am not the only girl in his life. I get depressed by this and I stay in my room for many days.”
I moved her on to the last day of her life in that lifetime as she began to keep very quiet.
“23 years of age. Depressed and I fall ill. Organs and heart very weak. Heartbroken. He comes back to me. He offers to marry me. We get married. We take care of each other. He is also seeing someone else. He confesses. He says he is not contented with his marriage. I pass on.”
(I get her to receive her affirmations and I move her on to another life)
“I see my twin brother but not as my brother. We are together in a house. We are a couple. Wearing casual clothes. They look old. We are already married but the marriage is not doing well. The house we live in is very very small. If you can call it a house. We always fight. We don’t have permanent jobs. We have a small business just to make a living. We are frustrated with our status. I leave him. He wants to take me back. He is beating me. Hurting me. Badly. I hit him back. I take a knife. We both fight with knives. I stab him. He takes the knife out from his body and he stabs me with it. He kills me. We both die.”
Annette collected her affirmations again at the end of this particular past lifetime. She decided to come back to the present time and space as she felt her search for answers was now complete.
I instructed her to read her affirmations at daybreak and in the evenings for the following 3 weeks, to allow the new set of vibratory energies to settle into her ‘new’ life. One usually experiences regret at the end of each life. Every life. The client is guided to reveal the lessons learned and the ones that are incomplete. The affirmations are recorded on paper in the session and a transcript is emailed to them.
Imagine you can travel back in time today to resolve all your current life issues and move on to a better state immediately, would that be wonderful?
Some people just want to do it as soon as possible…
Past Life Regression Cost: $480.00
Duration: Approx. 3 hours.
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