Spiritual Relationship Reading Testimonials

“I am glad I came for the session. You are so damn accurate. Now I can get closure for my relationship with Saito. Which has dragged on for almost 10 years. You have given me information to understand how he looks at our relationship. It removes the guilt from me for having to end it. And about me having met my new love. Thank you for the directions for my personal growth. This has done so much more than any tarot or astrological reading.” ~ Victoria Ling, Flight Attendant, Singapore.

“I didn’t believe you could reveal a person so accurately. As you know I am a professional geomancer and palmist! Your reading left me shell-shocked. The personality readings of my parents and brothers – you seem to know them personally. It brought an overwhelming surge of emotional waves. Giving me closure and clarity. After all these years. I can finally accept them for who they are. Thank you! Laurence” ~ June, Geomancer and Palmist.

“I had a hunch he was keeping things from me. Your reading revealed his true self. Before this I was like a walking zombie. I couldn’t bring myself to get our marriage registered. Because there was something about him. Now through your reading I can see what I will be faced with, each day when I return from work. Whenever we have a disagreement I am always made to look like I am the bad guy. I don’t want to come home to a man that’s selfish and controlling. Thank goodness. This is so timely. You have given me a very complete picture of who he is!” ~Koh Li Ling, IT Specialist.

“After my last marriage I couldn’t trust another woman again. Cindy and I got into this relationship like very good friends. We clicked the instant we met. But there was this sense of insecurity that she always had. I am not one to have people being too sticky towards me. Calling me up at work. But your reading of her is very accurate. I never could see that she needed that kind of support from me. I am okay with her now that you have disclosed that it’s in her blueprint, that she has chosen at birth. Great that she won’t be a leaver in this relationship.” ~ Tan C. Peng, Banker

Past Life Regression Testimonials

Client: Melanie, Singapore

Letter from Melanie:

“2013 was a turning point in my life. It was a year of self-discovery, emotional struggles and tears yet it had also taught me that the darkest times can bring me to the brightest places. I learnt that the most toxic people can teach me the …most important lessons; that my most painful struggles can grant me the most necessary growth; and the most heart breaking losses of love can make room for the most wonderful people. What seems like a curse at that moment can actually be a blessing and what seems like the end of the road is actually just a discovery that we are meant to travel in a different path. My failed marriage simply meant that. So many surprises, so many heartaches and so many chances given and the final blow of a third party means this marriage is truly over. What I discovered about the person whom I was supposed to spend my life with was beyond belief and raised questions about his character and integrity. The things that he had done on spite and revenge was far from my value system and principle standing. Nevertheless it is never too late to see through someone’s true colours which tend to show even more especially in times of distress how one will think, cope and react.

Having said that, I am not perfect either but the outcome is clear. There is no way we can live together anymore. It feels like yesterday we were just married but now 7 years of relationship and marriage have reduced to plain memories and painful lessons that I have accepted that I need to learn in this lifetime and move on. One year to accept all that had happened, learn from mistakes and now finally let go. No matter how much the truth hurt and how difficult things seemed, I realized there is always hope hidden somewhere and a purpose for everything that happened. Even though I felt powerless at times in light of all these horrible situations, I knew I must not give up. There were people who cared for me especially my parents whom I could not let them down. So never once did I lose hope, faith or my determination to overcome this ordeal even with tears and heartaches.

Through this experience, I also discovered spirituality and understood the true meaning of self-worth, self-love and self-responsibility and fortunate to be enlightened from the people I have crossed paths. After battling with the demons for one whole year, I am weary but have also become a stronger, calmer and happier person by learning how to respond positively to these situations as I experienced my life events unfold one by one. Life is too short to be bitter no matter how tough and some people are just not worth the time and energy. Instead I channelled my energy on my loved ones and work which has reaped rewards. In life, you gain some, you lose some but glad that overall I have gained more than what was lost. Most importantly, it is to rise above all the fears and make the best out of even the worst situations. 2013 did not defeat me, it only made me realize my potentials even more but I could not have done without the support of loved ones and am blessed to have them during the toughest time. The time all alone in Shanghai has also prepped me well for single hood. As I reflect back, everything seemed to be planned for me to be on this amazing journey.

A divorce means the end of a journey for two people but certainly the journey does not end for me. It took me a while to decide whether to post this but I think people ought to know I am no longer part of someone else. I am just myself moving forward. Of course, with my boys too. 2014 will be a year of adjustments, planning and finding new centre of focus. I believe in miracles and I know I will shine as long as I keep my faith and stay positive and do good. As I close the door to the past, open the door to the future and start a new chapter of life, I look forward to the new freedom and independence as well as challenges that the new year brings. It is a new year and a new beginning for a new me and the boys. May it be filled with wonder, hope, love and everything good!”

“Hey Laurence.. You are one of those whom I met on this journey that I mentioned in my post. I never forgot what you said to me and supported me when I was most down. With that, I am very grateful to you. Yes you can use my posting for your website.

It was you who helped me see things from a different perspective which changed the whole ending. I was brought to you to help me discover myself. Many people gave me words of encouragement to pursue on but you actually change how I look at life. You are incredible, Laurence… thank you very much.”

Client: Stephan M., Provence, France

Dear Laurence,

“I am so deeply grateful to you for bringing me back to my forgotten roots, if it had not happened (this regression session) I would always wonder why I insisted to my mother I had lived on the island of Crete. People say I am a gifted artist but I always said my father taught me. And this father is not my birth father but my father on Crete. I now know I painted the most beautiful frescoes in my past life then. I am now at peace. I bid you happiness in your profession Laurence.”

Endnote: Stephan M. has given me permission to relate to you the rest of his story in his regression.

Stephan was a gentleman in his seventies and he called me on a Friday evening insisting that he wanted a session very badly on the next day, as he was in the ‘mood’ for such things 🙂 When he appeared the next day he looked like someone who had lived on a very exotic island all his life, his skin was finely weathered and he carried a dark tan with a beautifully trimmed white beard. And he was dressed completely in white with a beige straw hat. He even carried a walking cane. I thought he just stepped off a movie set. He told me he is an artist and was visiting a friend in town and was to fly off the next day. In his session he went in quickly and discovered that he was born into a family of artists on the island of Crete in the Mediterranean, somewhere around the year 1400 B.C. The island was a bustling and flourishing city of the ancient world. He carefully described how there were canals, bullfights, decorative ceramics and a special written language that they had which was supposedly handed down by the gods! He was then a very talented fresco artist, very famous and very much in demand. He never married and the many lovers in his life did bear him a few children. And one of his favourite children was a woman that he loved dearly in this current life but had died in a tragic car accident in the South of France. His past life was wonderful on the island of Crete but one day a volcanic eruption completely destroyed the island. He remembers flames engulfing everything and there was nowhere to hide. Subsequently in the session he recalled his happy years spent with this woman that he loved. Stephan is an absolutely charming person and in his presence you can actually feel his artistry seeping out of his living cells, just by listening to him speak.

Client: Beverley Palima, Canada

Dear Laurence,

“I grew up having very weak legs and although they looked normal, they were extremely small. I am of above average height and somehow they looked wrong on me. As a child I had difficulty whenever I ran. My mom always thought I wanted attention, as I cried each time I fell and hurt my knees. Often I always had this dream of living in a large villa with a few moongate shaped doors. I had many servants in very odd attire. The tables in this house were all round and had very uncomfortable chairs with no seat cushions. They were made of some kind of dark wood with marble inlay. My bed was rather tall and had many carvings on it. I once fell off from it. People in the house always talked about a white flower. And I can’t seem to understand why. At age 12, I understood everything when I visited an asian friend at her home in Montreal. Her family was watching this TV movie in a room. When I stepped in, the scenes in the movie stunned me. Iactually froze. Everything in the movie began to look so familiar to me. There was this woman on TV that had very tiny feet. She had her hand held by people whenever she walked around. She was a wealthy Chinese woman.My friend said she lived in a province in China a long time ago. In a scene Icried when this Chinese woman wanted her young daughter to have the same kind of bound feet when she got married. Then I thought it very strange to relate to something like that on TV and then I get so emotional. Yet I did not understand the culture. In my session with you I have realized why I was born this way. And why I grew to love the white flowers. I now have gained closure in my life and I accept the peculiar feet I am born with. Thank you Laurence for giving me this wonderful regression experience….”

Endnote: Beverley has given me permission to relate to you the rest of her story in her regression.

Beverley discovered that she had lived a life as a woman around the time of 1886 in China. Her feet were forcefully bound at a young age by her mother so she could later marry into a family of fabulous wealth. This binding of feet was a widespread practice across China and was banned in 1912. In the process of binding her feet, her toes were broken and were bent inwards. Subsequently her feet’s arch were also broken to make into a dainty stump known as a 3 inch golden lotus – a symbol of status and wealth. Her husband in that lifetime was an opium addict and died at age 35, leaving her with 3 young children. She was happy in the early years of her life as she was served hand and foot by many servants and maids. However she was unable to venture far out of her home due to her small feet. Eventually there was a family misfortune and all wealth was lost. Her children left her and she died at age 82 because of pneumonia.

Beverley was made to understand the experience she had. She also felt something was limiting her personal growth. So I guided her to gain clarity and make affirmations for change.

Client: Thang G.K., Singapore

Dear Laurence,

“I am a loner and I never wanted companionship. I don’t relate well to my peers at work. I love photography. I am told I am pretty good at it but I fear taking pictures of people. I like only scenery shots. When I see faces in my shots I see pain and crying. Though the people may have smiles on their faces. The sorrow seems to cut into me like a knife. I could not understand this at all. And all this changed one day after my regression with you. The past life scenes you brought me back to were very vivid. In that particular life time in Vietnam. I discovered I was a photographer of people before their torture or execution. The prison officers made the people kneel down and I had to take a picture of their faces at a low angle. This brought me much pain to my back which I am experiencing in my life right now. I have had x-rays done but doctors could not identify the cause. But now I know. In the session I discovered that I deserved forgiveness. When I took pages of them it was only a job. I was not responsible for bringing these people pain. They were inflicted by someone else. I do not deserve the guilt. I did not bring them to their deaths. I am happier now and hope to mingle with more people and to lead a normal life. Thank you Laurence for your ability to help me take responsibility in the future choices that I make for myself…..”

Endnote: Thang G. K. has started a camera hobby club and is currently dating one of his students. He continues to read more of the Vietnam war (1959 – 1975) to understand his life as a communist soldier then. He has also started doing voluntary work on photography for some charity organisations.


Client: Natalie Keogh, New York

Dear Laurence,

“I have been questioning myself for a while. I keep seeing flashes of unfamiliar faces of people. It has been this way for two decades. My family thinks its my imagination. Friends have said perhaps its a connection to a life I had before. Says a past life regression would reveal things. I did some research on the internet. Truly speaking I am a religious person and I was a skeptic. I was given a list of recommended hypnotherapists by friends. They did not understand the subject matter I was interested in. You are sincere and you seem to have a connection with these things. I am still amazed that I became so visual to see the faces of my mother and the other people involved in that lifetime. I could even smell the fragrance, see the scenery and feel the texture of the jewelry I had then. It was so real. I simply know I lived in that lifetime. Of course I learnt about betrayal. I betrayed people. I also know now why I could not conceive a child in this life. I realize too when I hurt people, it can carry across centuries. Somehow I am so changed with this experience. I am able to understand the challenges better. To face the people that I live with and to learn to accept them as they are. Thank you for this spiritual exchange……”

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