Why Do I Need One?

You need a Life Lessons Spiritual Relationship Reading because …

• You want to urgently resolve relationship issues with a loved one, parent, sibling, colleague or a special someone.
• You want to make a thoughtful and final decision.
• You want intelligent options where to go from here.
• You want someone who understands personalities.
• You want clarity, closure and to start your life anew.
• You want logical information that makes sense, and to the point of the issue.
• You have tried other palmists, tarot card readers, geomancers and palmists and they give insufficient and vague explanations and descriptions.
Spiritual Relationship Reading Cost: $80
Duration: 1 Hour

You need a Past Life Regression because …

• You want to find your connection in the past to someone that you currently love.
• You find life is a struggle and you have failed in many business ventures.
• You keep on having the wrong choice of partners.
• You have an intense attraction to a person, place or thing.
• You want to know why your partner is constantly cheating on you.
• You have experienced hardship, challenge, abuse, abandonment and hatred.
• You constantly fight with your partner leading you to question your relationship.
• You have issues handling money and you find yourself getting broke all the time.
• You have issues on trusting people.
• You want to seek directions for a career or profession change.
• You have issues with a a child who fights and cheats on you.
• You suffer from a guilt of what has happened in a past event.
• You have contracted a severe illness at an inappropriate time in your life.
• You have recurring bad dreams of a possible past life.
• You have paranormal experiences.
Imagine you can travel back in time today to resolve all your current life issues.
And you can move on to a better state immediately.
Would that be wonderful?
Some people just want to do it as soon as possible…
Past Life Regression Cost: $480.00
Duration: 3 Hours

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